QuikChem with Ion Chromatography Option

QuikChem Analysis
Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) and Ion Chromatography (IC) are complementary analytical techniques that are commonly used in the same laboratory. The QuikChem® 8500 Automated Ion Analyzer offers an Ion Chromatography Option to complement its basic FIA capability. By incorporating both technologies into a single instrument, the following benefits are achieved:
• Operation of FIA and IC simultaneously and independently on the same instrument
• Shared use of several peripherals including sampler, dilutor, sampling pump,
   electronics unit and data station
• Uniform operating protocols
• Reduced footprint
• Unified training, service and support
The QuikChem IC+ Option is available with the original system purchase, integrated at the factory, or as a simple field upgrade to an existing QuikChem 8500. With the availability of FIA and IC in a single instrument, Lachat Instruments offers the most comprehensive ion analysis solutions available today.
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