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Data Packs

Lachat's Applications Team develops new and optimized methods for new markets, custom requests, and regulatory monitoring.
During the sales process, the Applications Chemist works with the customer as a consultant to first understand the application requirements and then develops methods to meet these requirements. A technical assessment is written by the Chemist outlining the development requirements.
Our method development expertise encompasses environmental water and soils monitoring, chlor-alkali matrices, fertilizer process testing, bioprocess monitoring, pharmaceutical product testing, mining, seawater and brackish water analysis, and animal feeds testing. Our Data Packs highlight available methods developed specifically for a certain sample type or parameter.
» Ultra Low Flow Methods Data Pack (PDF:1.04MB; 9/09)
» Aquaculture Data Pack (PDF:1.5MB; 9/09)
» Ion Chromatography Methods (PDF:784KB; 6/09)
» Standard Methods, 21st Edition Data Pack (PDF:1.6MB; 1/09)
» 2-cm Path Length Methods Data Pack (PDF:1MB; 7/09)
» Amperometric Cyanide Data Pack (PDF:1.4MB; 6/08)
» Cyanide Data Pack (PDF:1.3MB; 6/08)
» MICRO DIST Data Pack (PDF:1.5MB; 6/08)
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